How It Works

AI-driven recommendations provide shoppers with a unique and personalized landing page experience that drives longer site visits, less bounces and improved site-wide conversion rates.

Easy Set Up For Any Platform

The more shoppers click on the recommended products presented by Akin2, the more effective the algorithm becomes at identifying opportunities.

Less Bounces, More Sales

Showing related products on landing pages helps guide shoppers through your site, increasing the likelihood of conversion and drastically reducing bounce rates.

Transparent Reporting with Analytics

By connecting to your Google Analytics account, you can measure the results driven with the guidance of Akin2s product recommendation engine.

Retailers Are Seeing Huge Results with Akin2

161 %

More pages per visit

190 %

Longer site visits

33 %

Increase Revenue

46 %

Increased Conv Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is simple… First you give us a datafeed, and choose which products we should include in our system. Then you install a JavaScript Snippet on your site, and stylize to your liking. The rest is on us.

We use the same feed format as Google Merchant Center. There are many tools that can create these feeds, we strongly recommend the Sales & Orders Product Data Feed Tool

Our system is mainly geared towards merchants that are actively advertising, rather then increase load on your shopping cart system, we utilize your pre-existing data feeds for faster setup.

We can help most store owners improve their sell through rates. Merchants with catalogs of 500+ products and Paid Search Traffic tend to see the best increases in revenue.

Thats way too much work! Our system uses Artifical Intelligence to find related products based on the many data points we gather about your products.


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